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Tim McGraw’s ‘Country And Western’ Speaks To All Americans

Baseball, apple pie, and mom. For the longest time, these things were America. They represented the red, white, and blue in its purest, most personal form. Even those who didn’t like the sport or prefer peach or berry understood the symbolism. From the moment the sentiment was first coined, there have been attempt to modify it.

This Is America


This Is What We Stand For


There are those who would love to see football replace the lagging fortunes of the long ball, and rock-n-roll could easily be subbed in somewhere. But if you really want to see America for what it truly is, you have to cross genres and discuss everyone’s favorite sonic twosome – country and/or western. Yes, it’s an old joke, but totally apropos here.

So Is This


Take, for example, the patriotic imagery available in Tim McGraw’s most recent hit. The song, called “Country and Western” comes off McGraw’s 2015 release, Damn Country Music (as part of a deluxe packaging) and showcases a solid understanding of the diverse facets of this great land of ours.

Tim McGraw Gets This


And He Sings For The Entire Nation


McGraw Will Move You With This Song – Continue On To Hear The Whole Thing

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