Watch This Little Girl Sing A Beautiful Mash Up Of ‘Can’t Help Falling Over The Rainbow’

Many musicians spend the early portion of their lives and careers learning music, practicing being on key while others are simply born with rich talent. With the challenge of competition, it often takes years to reach the spotlight with any of your original work.

Thanks to modern technology and services like YouTube and Facebook, we can spread content more virally than ever. The internet has brought an array of talent to our doorsteps (remember that it’s responsible for launching Justin Bieber!) while also launching careers for personalities to liven up our screens with their magnetic humor.

With everyone uploading their own music and stories, it’s hard to stand out. Thankfully this isn’t the case for talented brother-sister duo Kenny Holland and his baby sis Capri! The two have lit up the internet with their sensational mash up they named “Can’t Help Falling Over The Rainbow”.

If you really want to send chills down your spine and live in the true emotional beauty that lives in music, take a listen to these two hitting the studio together. There’s definitely something about the bloodline and the genetics in their voice that harmonizes unlike anything else you’ve ever heard.

Congrats to these two for really exploding virally all over Facebook (they have nearly 350k “likes” and 23 Million views since September ’16). Being able to reach the hearts of millions with your music is a possibility for those who want it badly enough! These guys are living proof!

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