Ten Of The Best Christmas Albums From Country Stars

The holiday season is currently in full swing which means everywhere you go, you’re bound to hear Christmas music playing. After a while, it becomes repetitive because you’re hearing the same versions of the classics over and over again. Time to switch it up!

Country music and Christmas have been coming together consistently over the last century. Every year our favorite country stars release a Christmas album. Some of them are amazing, some aren’t, but they keep coming. Whether they go with classic songs or new, original tunes, we keep them in rotation this time of year. Check out the albums below for 10 of the best you can get your hand on!

Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers – ‘Once Upon a Christmas’ (1997)


Garth Brooks – ‘Beyond the Season’ (1992)


George Strait -‘Merry Christmas Strait to You!’ (1986)


Michael W. Smith -‘The Spirit of Christmas’ (2014)


Trace Adkins – ‘The King’s Gift’ (2013)


Kenny Chesney – ‘All I Want for Christmas Is a Real Good Tan’ (2003)


Alan Jackson – ‘Honky Tonk Christmas’ (1993)


Emmylou Harris – ‘Light of the Stable’ (1979)


Martina McBride – ‘White Christmas’ (1998)


Faith Hill – Joy to the World’ (2008)


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