Officer Administers CPR To A Woman Having A Heart Attack And Breaks Down Afterwards!

In the moment, there is no time to think. The adrenaline in pumping, the reality of what is happening is staring you in the face. Your brain engages its autopilot and your body moves by rote. The situation slows down to a crawl, each and every plus and minus magnified to epic proportions, and how you react a clear indication of what you are made of…supposedly.

It Happened On A Routine Stop



This Woman Was Having A Heart Attack



When Officer Jordan Jones came across a car stopped along an Oklahoma highway, he couldn’t have imagined the life or death struggle that would result. No, he wasn’t having to deal with a cagey criminal or someone desperate to stay out of the law’s grip. It wasn’t an ambush or some kind of set-up. In some ways, it was worse. In those other cases, his training steps in.

Officer Jones Immediately Went Into Action



Not in this case, however. As he pulled behind the vehicle, a man came out running. He was frantic. His wife had just had a heart attack. In fact, she wasn’t breathing and when Officer Jones found her, she had already turned purple. Without hesitation, this accidental hero began CPR. All he wanted was to see this woman breathe one more time.

Her Husband Was Very Concerned



There Was No Way To Know If She Would Make It



Did She Survive? Continue On To See What Happened

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