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Kellie Pickler Brings A Japanese Bartender To Tears With A Little Help From Patsy Cline!

Nothing brings people together quite like music and an ice cold beer. Music proves time and time again that it is the universal language. Regardless of if you completely understand the words, a rhythm and tone can send anyone to their happy place, and nothing is quite like the sound of country music.

What’s not to love about Kellie Pickler? She’s fun-loving, she’s hilarious, and she has an incredible voice. It’s almost as if she was made to be on television to entertain us all! On her CMT show, I Love Kellie Pickler, her husband and her explore everything from music, family, and travel. On a recent episode they traveled across the world to Japan in search of adventure. What they found was a heartwarming moment in a Tokyo dive bar.

Welcome To Japan, Kellie!


Folks in Japan may not know too much about country music, but Kellie wasn’t going to let that stop her from teaching them about Ms. Patsy Cline. With the help of her beautiful voice, Kellie taught them, and reminded us, just how wonderful the southern music truly is!

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