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Gretchen Wilson Explains Why Faith Hill Was Her Inspiration To Write ‘Redneck Woman’

Some artists have such a meteoric rise to fame that it’s tough, if not impossible, to top that first big hit. The song touches so many people and has a way of relating to people in such a way that it’s not just a hit, it’s an explosion. That happened with Gretchen Wilson’s 2004 smash “Redneck Woman.”


The song was the biggest single on an album (Here For The Party) that sold over five million copies, and would be a theme song for country women around the country. Having a song so big it’s unable to top isn’t something to look down on, it’s something to be proud of. It just mean you were able to touch millions of people with an anthem they can get behind. Songs like that always have a story, and Gretchen opened up about how the song came to be.

Speaking w/ tasteofcountry.com:

“The day that we wrote ‘Redneck Woman’ was a day that John and I were sitting around watching country music videos and Faith Hill‘s ‘Breathe’ was on,” Wilson said. “She’s gorgeous. She looks like a supermodel. She’s rolling around in satin sheets. And that was the inspiration behind ‘Redneck Woman.’ I looked at John and said, ‘This is probably never gonna happen for me because I’ll never look like that, and I’ll never be that. That is just not the kind of woman I am.’

He looked at me [and asked], ‘Well, what kind of woman are you then?’ And I said, ‘I’m a redneck woman.’ Then he said, ‘What’s the matter with that?’ We, at that moment, decided to be as authentic as we could about that kind of a woman, and I felt like it was a responsibility almost at that point to speak to those girls who felt like me.”

The song still resonates to this day, and Gretchen continues to make music. She released a comeback single, “Rowdy,” in 2016 and is going to be releasing a new album in spring 2017. Can’t wait to hear more work from the “Redneck Woman!”

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