Greatest Country Artists Of All Time, Who Made The List?

Every single person you’re going to see on this list is a legend. To say one is better than the other would be a disservice to anyone who has ever listed to any of their music, but like everything… There’s always that debate.

Musicians come and go when it comes to standing in the spotlight. We all start as young boys or girls trying to find our voice, trying to find that feeling, and trying to share our gifts with the world. The lucky few who are blessed to be able to make it a career should look up to the sky and say thank you as often as possible. They make the music that becomes the soundtrack of our lives. We drive to it, we dance to it, heck, we even get married to it. Without our favorite bands, groups, and singers we may not be on the same path we are now.

When you even think about listing the greatest of all time, the first thing you have to think about is longevity. Anybody can get lucky with one hit, but can you follow it up over and over again? The second is impact. What does your music mean to people? The third is popularity. Sure, everyone likes the underdog, but if millions of people continue to love your music, decade after decade, you must be doing something right.

Billboard.com put together a list of some legends, and we’re not saying anyone is better than the next on this list, this is how they came up with it:

The Greatest of All-Time Top Country Artists, Songs and Albums rankings are based on weekly performance on Hot Country Songs (from its Oct. 20, 1958 inception through June 4, 2016) and Top Country Albums (from its Jan. 11, 1964 inception through June 4, 2016). Titles are ranked based on an inverse point system, with weeks at No. 1 earning the greatest value and weeks at lower spots earning the least. Due to changes in chart methodology over the years, eras are weighted differently to account for chart turnover rates over various periods. Artists are ranked based on a formula blending performance, as outlined above, of all their Hot Country Songs and Top Country Albums chart entries.

25. Tammy Wynette

24. Randy Travis

23. Glen Campbell

22. Brooks & Dunn

21. Toby Keith

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