Country Music Legends Who Would Be Amazing Performers At The Super Bowl Next Year

Isn’t it time we switched up the halftime music genre from Pop music to Country music?

Many people were skeptical of Lady Gaga headlining alone for the Super Bowl this year, but if you saw her performance, you know she didn’t need anyone else! She handled it just fine all on her own.

While Lady Gaga has a very strong voice in pop music, along with the previous year’s performance with Beyonce, but isn’t it time we switched up the genres a little bit? After all, the love of the game is strongest in the south!

To appease country music lovers everywhere, we’re hoping they consider one of these four incredible performers. Think choreography with big pick up trucks, daisy dukes, cowboy boots, fireworks and lots of twang!

Who would be the best for the job? We’re thinking these four country artists could blow the performance out of the water:

1. Garth Brooks

With Garth Brooks fresh off of his mega tour, he would have a year to plan out an ellaborate performace for the big day. Plus, like all superbowl halftime performers, he has worldwide acclaim! You KNOW he would bring some power players in the industry along with him, which would make it that much more awesome!

Let’s just say he performed with… let’s say… Justin Timberlake?

2. Carrie Underwood

You know these pipes could fill well beyond a football field! Carrie would be such a glamorous choice.

What do you think?

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