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Country Boy And A Puppy Pull Off The Proposal Of A Lifetime!

Almost every girl in the country grows up with dreams of her wedding day. To go a step further, they dream about everything leading up to it as well. From her dress, to the venue, to her bridesmaids, she has a plan. It’s why we call it her “Big Day!” She also hopes for the ideal proposal from her future husband.

When it comes time for the her man to pop the question, the pressure is on. Where is he going to drop to one knee? Is he going to pull off a grand gesture of love as he asks her to be his life partner? Wait, is she going to say yes? Any man who has gone through this will tell you, it’s nerve-wracking. Even if you’re confident she’s going to answer in the affirmative, it still gets your heart pumping and blood flowing. It’s a big moment for everyone.

How Big Do You Go?


The gentleman in the video below knows how to pull all of the heartstrings. He not only get’s her an incredible gift, he also sets up the proposal like a boss. Everyone, give a round of applause for this country boy!

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