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Better Watch Your Six Pack: Ladies Are Using Beer On Their Hair

If you grew up in the ’70s, you’ve definitely heard about it. After all, that decade was all about throwing off the hippy dippy designs of the ’60s and its’ nature-made designs. Sure, there was still a desire to keep things as pure as possible, and before you knew it, all manner of odd ingredients were slipping into our personal hygiene products. Lemons. Eggs. And, yes, even beer.

This Is How It Was In The ’70s

It was called Body On Tap, and while the amount of frothy goodness was severely limited (you’d never know it had suds in it at all), people swore by the proposed benefits, including healthier hair thanks to the protein in hops and malt, as well as a glamor gal level of shine from the liquid itself. Some claim that this is just another social media hack that’s taken off without significant support. The three videos below should provide enough clarification to have you buying a six pack for your next shower, or saving it for game day. Take a look:

Some Beauty DIY

Here’s What Adding A Banana Does

And Finally, Someone Trying To Prove/Disprove The Shortcut

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