Johnny Cash Stepped Back Into The Spotlight On Super Bowl Sunday With “Ragged Old Flag”

While the super bowl was a spectacle all in itself, credit was also due to U.S. Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles and singer Harry Belafonte who beautifully opened the event before the spirit of Johnny Cash took over the pre-show. In a stunning yet haunting recitation of “Ragged Old Flag”, he kicked off the Super Bowl games with a performance to remember.

The Man In Black!


During the spot Biles wonderfully stated, “Our forefathers got it right 240 years ago. Equality, freedom, they belong to us all. And in case we falter in our ways, they wrote it down for us to always remember and cherish. We, as Americans, have a duty to uphold and protect those rights. That is what unifies us. And the symbol of our unity has 50 stars and 13 stripes.”

American Greatness!


Check out Johnny Cash’s spot on the next page!

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