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This Super Bowl Spoof Of Garth Brooks’ ‘Friends In Low Places’ Is Hilarious

Well, it’s over and done with for another season. One of the most amazing Super Bowls ever is still resonating in the minds of football fans everywhere, with records being broken and winners/losers being crowned. Sure, it’s another New England victory and Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have chalked up another one for their Hall of Fame resumes and Atlanta will be considered also-rans from this day forward, but what about the wannabes? How do they feel now that the playing is over with and the draft picks are still a few months away.

Another Super Bowl, Another New England Patriots Win


They Now Have Five Since Drafting Tom Brady


Well, as part of FOX’s never-ending coverage of the game this year, they decided to do a parody of the Garth Brooks’ classic “Friends In Low Places.” The premise – a group of celebrity fans will sing about the sad state of affairs affecting their teams, from playoff contenders like the Oakland Raiders to couldn’t smell the post-season positions of the LA Rams or the Jacksonville Jaguars.

But Not Every Organization Is A Winner


The clip offers enough yucks for even the least informed sports fan to enjoy. Former military man turned comedian Rob Riggle sets things up nicely, and then he turns it over to the all-stars. Soon, Dr. Ken Jeong, Terry Crews, and even Weird Al Yankovic do a decent job of turning the tune into a lament about their team’s lowly record (and the possibility of righting things before September arrives).

Even While Fans Remain Loyal


The Team Can Let Them Down


Check Out Riggle’s Parody On The Next Page…

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